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Sustainability & Recycled Cotton

What is Recycled Cotton?

What is Recycled Wool?
Wool, an animal fiber renowned for its exceptional durability, is often utilized in the creation of long-lasting garments. However, wool's benefits extend beyond its longevity. It is also highly and easily recyclable, and the resulting "new" fiber can be repurposed to produce luxurious fabrics, thereby prolonging the lifespan of garments, reducing the need for virgin materials, and alleviating environmental stress. Prato, Italy, is one of the most well-known centers for wool recycling, where the largest textile district in Europe has perfected this circular economy practice, which is both chemical-free and dye-free. Wool recycling has been carried out on an industrial scale since the 19th century, and the process is labor-intensive and requires specialized knowledge. Let us delve into the subject and explore the intricacies of recycled wool fabric.


Recycled wool presents itself as a highly sustainable alternative. In addition to its ability to divert discarded woolen garments from landfills, it significantly conserves water, diminishes land usage for sheep grazing, and eliminates the need for chemical dyeing. Furthermore, recycled wool plays a crucial role in reducing air, water, and soil pollution.


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