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Sustainability & Recycled Cotton

What is Recycled Cotton?

What is Recycled Polyester?

Recycled Polyester fabric, commonly referred to as PET, is a completely synthetic material that is derived from disposable plastic products such as plastic bottles, bags, and containers. These items are typically considered waste and are often discarded in landfills and oceans, contributing to the current environmental crisis. In response to this pressing issue, numerous brands have taken the initiative to develop innovative solutions, such as the concept of recycled polyester fabric, to repurpose this plastic waste and render it suitable for human use once again.

Is Recycled Polyester Fabric Sustainable?

Recycled Polyester fabric is undoubtedly a sustainable textile for our wardrobe, as it was developed to address the pressing issue of plastic waste that has been causing significant harm to the environment on a global scale. According to recent reports by the United Nations, approximately 400 million tons of plastic are produced annually, with a mere 10% being recycled for subsequent use.


The utilization of recycled polyester presents an effective means of preventing plastic from infiltrating oceans and landfills, while simultaneously affording it a renewed purpose. Recycled polyester possesses all the desirable attributes of virgin polyester, yet necessitates a reduced amount of resources and energy for its production. Notably, it is not reliant on fossil fuels for its manufacturing. Additionally, it boasts a lightweight and robust composition, is easily laundered, and resistant to wrinkling. Furthermore, recycled polyester exhibits moisture-wicking properties and is impervious to water. It also provides exceptional thermal comfort and is resistant to fungi, moths, and other fabric-damaging insects.


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